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Export and Import Oracle Database

this video created by Mohamed Yassin

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How to Export Oracle Schema

just use this commend exp ODS/welcomw FIlE=/u01/software/ODS.dmp OWNER=ODS statistics=none log=/u01/software/logODS.log where ODS is schema name

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OPatch how to use?

  export ORACLE_HOME=/u01/Middleware/Oracle_SOA1 echo $ORACLE_HOME cd to /u01/Middleware/Oracle_SOA1/OPatch copy the patch to Opatch Directory unzip patch [oracle@web OPatch]$ ./opatch apply 18072286/ -oh /u01/Middleware/Oracle_SOA1/ [oracle@web OPatch]$ ./opatch apply 18072286/ -oh /u01/Middleware/oracle_common/ you can specify the patch directory as follows [oracle@web OPatch]$ … Continue reading

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command not found at linux solved

just add sbin directory to path as follow export PATH=$PATH:/sbin

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