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Mohamed Omar Ahmed


: +966562292418

: Riyadh – KSA









I have worked in IT field since 2008. My experience is focusing on Oracle Fusion Middleware mainly in WebCenter Content, WebCenter Portal, WebCenter Sites,Weblogic, Identity and Access Management (IAM),SSO,OAM,OIM,OAAM,OUD, OPAM,OID, OVD ,Oracle API Gateway ,OBIEE,OEDQ, Oracle ADF, Oracle SOA,J2EE


Total 9 years


Jul 2016 – Now  E-Tabadul at  KSA

Oracle Webcenter & IDM Specialist

  • SSO for EBS 12.2.4 e-Procurement and PHP application Monafsat (Apache 2.4)
  • Identity solution for EBS iportal supplier and OID using(OIM 11g r3,OID connector, DBAT connector, EBS UM connector, password policy), with password management
  • Install and configure cluster for the following products OIM 11gr3,OID 9 ,SOA12c, OSB 12c,OBIEE11g , webcenter content, portal ,OHS 12C
  • SSO for OBIEE with OVD, OAM and 2 active Directory Domain
  • Maintain and supporting all Tabadul IDM solution (OIM11gr3, OID, SSO solution for different applications , OAM)
  • Maintain and supporting all Tabadul Middleware infrastructure for 5 environment development, test, production ,staging ,DR
  • Participating in Disaster Recovery site design and implementation with ACS
  • Developing OIM API JAR utility to provision Active Directory Account and grant membership to AD group based on business rules


Oct 2015 – Jul 2016   Egabi.com   at  KSA, Egypt

Oracle Fusion Middleware Specialist


  • Webcenter content implementation URM, Capture ,custom component  (alansariexchange.com) at UAE
  • Webcenter content implementation (MLI)
  • SSO by OAM on SharePoint ,Blackboard, Oracle Forms ,ADF application, .Net Application, Exchange server OWA, Webcenter Content (IPA.edu.sa) at KSA
  • OIM DBUM connector, Unix Connector, Siebel connector, Active Directory Connector, Exchange Connector, (etisalat.eg) at Egypt
  • SSO Solution by OAM oracle access manager on EBS , HP SM, SharePoint (etisalat.eg) at Egypt
  • Migrating old content from  Jupiter Content Management to Webcenter content  Americana at UAE
  • Customization webcenter Content for folder creation and chick-in process with RIDC and component Wizard Americana at UAE
  • Integrate webcenter content with ADF , .net Application by RIDC , and Web services
  • SSO Solution by OAM on EBS 12.0.6,EBS 12.1.1 (albilad.com) Bank Albilad at KSA


  • Used Technologies:  Oracle Identity and Access Manager (IAM) • Oracle Access manager (OAM), OID,ODSM, OVD, OIM 11gr2, Design Console, Oracle WebCenter Content (UCM), Oracle Enterprise WebCenter Capture (ODC), URM, Oracle Weblogic , Oracle ADF 11g,JQuery, AngulerJS ,J2EE .




Jan 2012 – Sept 2015 advancedoperations.com   at  KSA

Senior Oracle Fusion Middleware Consultant


  • SSO Solution by OAM oracle access manager on EBS 12.1.3 (erp.mda.gov.sa) MDA  at KSA
  • SSO Solution for Microsoft Exchange server (outlook)  Quasar at KSA
  • Provisioning and Reconciliation accounts for Active Directory , and OID and Exchange server with Oracle Identity Manager for AOT at KSA
  • SSO Solution for Oracle ECM by OAM for (wilayah.gov.sa) at KSA
  • SSO Solution for Oracle ADF application ,IIS8 application by OAM for (wilayah.gov.sa) at KSA
  • Provisioning and Reconciliation accounts between Active Directory and EBS HR by Oracle Identity Manager for HMM at KSA
  • Delivery of Oracle webcenter content, high availability architecture and integration with EBS ,implement AutoVue on cluster environment for PBAD (Saudi Binladin Group – PBAD) at KSA
  • Delivery of Oracle webcenter content, high availability architecture and integration with EBS , Siebel CRM for BOG (bog.gov.sa) at KSA
  • Delivery of Oracle webcenter content and web Site with oracle site studio for (wilayah.gov.sa) at KSA
  • Implementation for universal record management URM for UIS at KSA
  • Integration between EBS and webcenter content for   (bog.gov.sa), (wilayah.gov.sa),(HMM) at KSA
  • Working with Web content management (WCM) with addition integration with webcenter portal.
  • Working on webcenter Sites deploying and managing sophisticated and engaging Websites at KAU in Saudi Arabia
  • Implementation and Deliver of OEDQ (ETL Tool) oracle Enterprise Data Quality profiling, Cleansing, fixing ,Auditing, Matching and merging data ,govern data quality for  ETQAN at EGYPT
  • Installation and Implementation of OBBIE creating dashboard and creating different data view tables ,graphs and pivot tables ,creating answers and analysis for AOT
  • Weblogic administration and Tuning
  • Gathering Requirements Analysis and designing solutions.
    Manage End User and Administration Training
  • Design Solution Architectures for AOT
  • Demo preparation and presentation for AOT


  • Used Oracle Technologies :  Oracle Identity and Access Manager (IAM) • Oracle Access manager (OAM),OID,OVD,OIM 11gr2,Design Console, Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) , Oracle Enterprise Data Quality (OEDQ) , Oracle Webcenter sites , Oracle WebCenter Content . (UCM), Oracle WebCenter Capture(ODC) , Oracle AutoVue , Oracle Weblogic  , Oracle ADF 11g, Oracle SOA 11g.





Dec 2010 – Dec 2011     bookdepository.co.uk & Amazon  Cairo, Egypt

Software Engineer


Content Management System (SCAB)

Project overview: It is a web-based application for bookdepository enables the users to manage documents to be formatted into HTML or Portable Document Format (PDF) for the Web site. The revision control feature allows content to be updated to a newer version or restored to a previous version. Revision control also tracks any changes made to files by individuals. An additional feature is indexing, search, and retrieval. A CMS system indexes all data within an organization. Individuals can then search for data using keywords, which the CMS system retrieves.

  • Technologies Used: JSP ,JSTL ,jQuery ,mysql, apache Tomcat, JPA, Spring core, Spring MVC, Spring Web Flow, Hibernate, Quartz Scheduler, Apache Lucene .


Generic Scheduler ,Synchronization , Notifications ,delete listing ,Listing ,Publishing ,routing  Components

Project overview: these are web-based components for bookdepository company enables the system operators tracking all site operations.

  • Accomplishments include:
    • Scheduler component used to schedule various tasks of different components (listing, Publishing, Routing, Auditing) and track their execution.
    • Synchronization component used to manage the various databases synchronization between the different company offices, the application enables the system operators to compose different and very flexible scenarios to fulfill all the company needs. The scenario could be consisted of different actions such as: download, upload, zip, unzip, and execute different sql commands and scripts.
    • Notification component listen to different component notifications and alerts and notify the system operators by E-mail, SMS, MMS according their configurations.
    • Delete Listing component manage delete listing files of repository on ftp and send emails to system operators according configurations.
    • Listing, publishing, routing Components manage operations related to books business.
  • Technologies Used: JSP, Servlet ,JQuery, Spring core, Spring web, Spring aop, Hibernate, mysql , Quartz Scheduler



Jul 2009 – DEC 2010           MESC                       Cairo, Egypt

Software Engineer

Smart Sender System

Project overview: It is a web-based application System for sending bulk of emails, SMS, MMS for clients that are categorized into unlimited categories where the system specifies what occasions which will send email to that client there is archives for emails and to make reminders for clients about occasions.

  • Technologies Used: PHP, MySQL, JQuery, Extjs, CSS.

News Portal

Project overview: It is news  web-site   www.arabturkdialog.com

  • Technologies Used: PHP, MySQL,JQuery ,Wordpress ,Drupal ,CSS.

University Portal

Project overview: portal for kharj university www.akadimya.com/kharj.10/

  • Technologies Used: PHP, MySQL, JQuery, Drupal, CSS.



Dec 2008 – Jul 2009                  MVEGYPT                Cairo, Egypt

Software Engineer

Tour management System

Project overview: System for managing all operations of tours such as reservations of Aviations, Transportations, Hotels, programs creations and master files and other related reports, OPT operations and financial management, permission system and backup system.

El-Maroa Management System for Hajj & Omra

Project overview: System for managing all operations of tours such as reservations of Aviations ,Transportations, Hotels, programs creations and master files and other related reports and financial management, permission system and backup system.

mvegypt Clients Management System

Project overview: System for mvegypt’s Clients to manage their domains, websites, emails, sub accounts, projects and Invoices, client’s information and their contact.

Ticket Support System

Project overview: For managing supporting of clients and their problems

Accomplishments include:

  • Share in all projects estimation
  • Participate in the DB design phase
  • Take responsibility of leading team to develop new web applications and sites.
  • Resolving and troubleshooting raised issues.
  • Implementing change requests on the systems.
  • Develop Ajax framework by JQuery ,EXTJS, and generation code for creating web applications.
  • Communicate with customers and analysis their business needs and convert them into a list of components with well- defined tasks.
  • Technology used: JSP, Servlet , mysql ,PHP ,JQuey ,Java Script ,Extjs ,CSS ,Smarty template Engine



2004 – 2008                    Minia University              Minia, Egypt

B.Sc. Computer Science, Faculty of Computers and Information

n  Grade: Very Good (9 on class)


Technical Skills Oracle Fusion Middleware:

§  Oracle WebCenter  (UCM Development ,customization ,and Administration) ,Oracle I/PM 11g, Oracle IRM 11g, Oracle ODDC 10g,11g and ODC, Oracle URM 11g ,webcenter Portal

§  Identity and Access Management (OID, IDM, OAM, OAAM, OUD, OVD, OIM, AD, Web Gate, Access Gate), WebCenter Sites, ADF, Weblogic.

Programming Languages:

§   J2SE,J2EE,PHP, C/C++

Web and Mobile Technologies:

§  CSS2, 3, bootstrab2, 3, JQuery, AngulerJS, HTML5, Java Script, Apache Cordova.

Operating Systems:

§  Windows server 2003, 2008, 2012, Linux Fedora, and Redhat, Oracle Linux.


3 Responses to About me

  1. AML says:

    بصراحة انا اشهدلك فى ترى جــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــولى
    امتياز مع مرتبة الشرف

  2. qais says:

    can i add scanner in Oracle UCM profile?please
    with out using browse or alternative file
    oracle ucm supported capture?
    please show me

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