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command not found at linux solved

just add sbin directory to path as follow export PATH=$PATH:/sbin

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how to modifiy kernel parameters at redhat

at installation of webcenter content some checks failed like parameters of  kernel Checking for hardnofiles=4096; hardnofiles=1024.    Failed <<<< Checking for softnofiles=4096; softnofiles=1024.    Failed <<<< solution cd /etc/security vi limits.conf add the following lines before the end of file and save … Continue reading

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how to use ssh ?

ssh ssh user@ip password : type password

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how to use telnet

telnet ip server telnet 308

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IOR file ‘/var/tmp/gconfd-root/lock/ior’ not opened successfully, no gconfd located

  while i checked log under /var/log it says: 777 is bad option for gconfd-root I had changed that permissions to 700 and all seems ok now. now it’s working fine

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restarting mysql at linux

service mysql restart

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copy over network at linux

scp admin@ amazon_price_checker_uk-25.csv with different port scp -P 15000 /u001/sso_software/Single_sign_on/oam_11.1.1.5.tar.gz  oracle@

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