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How to write Java lambda Expression ?

Lambda expression is a new and important feature of Java which was included in Java SE 8. It provides a clear and concise way to represent one method interface using an expression. It is very useful in collection library. It … Continue reading

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shell script for automating Start OAM,OID weblogic domain for SSO

#!/bin/bash su oracle -c “screen -dm -S OIDInstance /u01/Oracle/Middleware/oid_instance/bin/opmnctl startall” sleep 30 su oracle -c “screen -dm -S OHSInstance /u01/Oracle/Middleware/Oracle_WT1/instances/instance2/bin/opmnctl startall” sleep 30 su oracle -c “screen -dm -S NodeManager /u01/Oracle/Middleware/wlserver_10.3/server/bin/” sleep 30 su oracle -c “screen -dm -S OIDAdminServer … Continue reading

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Bulk deletes all OID users created by DIP profile

How to reset OID to default like fresh installation cd /u01/Oracle/Middleware/Oracle_OID/bin export ORACLE_HOME= /u01/Oracle/Middleware/Oracle_OID/ ./ldapsearch -h -p 3060 -D “cn=orcladmin” -w oracle11g -b “dc=albilad,dc=com” -S uid -s sub “(creatorsname=orclodipagentname=ad_oid,cn=subscriber profile,cn=changelog subscriber,cn=oracle internet directory)” cn >users_createdby_dip.ldif cp users_createdby_dip.ldif /u01/Oracle/Middleware/Oracle_OID/ldap/bin/users_createdby_dip.ldif export … Continue reading

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Export All OID Users

Set environment variables [oracle@erpsso bin]$ pwd /u01/app/Middleware/Oracle_OID/ldap/bin  

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Excel to UCM Batch loader Format Parser

Utility developed to convert Excel sheet contains metadata for files to be check-in at UCM to UCM batch loader format link to download

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UCM Custom Export Utility

download attached Jar file link to download JAR Upload it to UCM server Follow instructions as screen shoots

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Identity And Access Management installation part9

Configuring IAM Domain

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