nodemanager · Weblogic


<NodeManager> <BEA-300033> <Could not execute command “getVersion” on the node manager. Reason: “Access to domain ‘myDomain’ for user ‘R040FFV7GI’ denied”.>

the credentials were generated during the domain creation and can be found in the Weblogic console at <domain> -> Security -> General -> Advanced -> Nodemanager Username

Instead of the default Weblogic generated Nodemanager credentials we wanted to try to configure a fixed name/password in the Weblogic domain and on each host.

In Weblogic console:

  • Click on domainname in Domain Structure (left menu)
  • Select Security -> General -> Advanced
  • Configure the NodeManager Username with weblogic
  • Configure the NodeManager Password with welcome1 (2x)

On each remote host:

    • Navigate to the folder %DOMAINHOME%\config\nodemanager
    • Edit the file:
    • Content should be set to:
    • Save
    • Restart the Weblogic Node Manager

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