how to get all schemas at oracle with owners and change them?

SQL> SELECT comp_id, comp_name, version, status, mrc_name, owner FROM schema_version_registry;
COMP_ID    COMP_NAME                      VERSION    STATUS      MRC_NAME   OWNER

———- —————————— ———- ———– ———- —————

BAM        BAM Services          VALID       DEV        DEV_ORABAM MDS        Metadata Services     VALID       SYSMAN     SYSMAN_MDS ORASDPM    SDP Messaging         VALID       DEV        DEV_ORASDPM SOAINFRA   SOA Infrastructure Services VALID       DEV        DEV_SOAINFRA

1. Log in as SYSTEM to the database.
2. Run the following command:

UPDATE system.schema_version_registry$ SET    mrc_name = ‘DEV’, owner = ‘DEV_MDS’ WHERE  mrc_name = ‘SYSMAN’ AND owner = ‘SYSMAN_MDS’;

3. Rerun the “psa”.