What the Applications at IPM? IPM series

What is the Applications at IPM?

is type of management or container for documents uploaded to Oracle I/PM. In effect, an application is a
category into which documents get sorted. Each application has unique security rights
that are applied to documents in the application, and unique metadata fields to store
the metadata values associated with each document. Changing security rights within
an application affects access to all documents within the application. Similarly, adding
a metadata field to an application adds the field to all documents within the application, however metadata values for the added field must be supplied individually to each document.


What is the Input?

Inputs are the way that documents are uploaded to Oracle I/PM and metadata is
associated with them. Metadata values for a document are typically supplied when a
document is uploaded. Documents can be uploaded individually and metadata values
supplied manually by the person uploading the document. Most often documents are
uploaded in bulk using a scanning station. When uploaded in bulk, the scanning



Searches are used to retrieve a listing of documents from Oracle I/PM. A search can be
run across one or multiple applications, and the returned results listing can be
e-mailed to others or exported to a file. Documents listed in a search result can be
viewed, downloaded, copied to other applications, or otherwise manipulated as your
business need requires.

Connections are created in Oracle I/PM and used to access necessary servers. Two
types of server connections are defined in Oracle I/PM:
■ repository connections are created to connect to an Oracle Content Server or
servers where documents are stored
■ workflow connections are created to connect to workflow servers where a
workflow process is defined
Oracle I/PM stores documents in repositories set up using Oracle Universal Content
Management. Multiple repositories can be used, with connections created in Oracle
I/PM to each repository using the Oracle I/PM interface. If your business process
requires documents in a particular application to move through a workflow, then a
connection to the workflow server where the workflow is defined can also be created
in Oracle I/PM, and the application can be set to initiate the workflow when a
document is upload to it.


Controlling Access
Access to the documents is controlled by a number of factors. First, by controlling
access to the Oracle I/PM system. Second, by assigning permissions to the

applications, searches, and other tools provided by the Oracle I/PM system. Lastly, by
assigning permissions to the documents within different applications. In the preceding

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