how to use cpanel ,create database,use phpmyadmin,export,import,create user

After you have logged into cPanel click the mysql icon

Create a new database.

Create a new user. If you already have a user you wish to use skip this step.

Select the user you want and the database you want and click Add User to Database

Click phpMyAdmin at the bottom of the page.

Select the database you just created from the side menu of phpMyAdmin.

Click Import. (Note: your database should not have tables yet unless you are using a pre existing database. The one shown has tables in it already.)

Click Browse.

Select included with the project.

Then click Go. After you have done that you can click structure in the top tabs and see the new tables in the database.

Then open \scraper\templates\EzineScraper\config.php in a text file and edit DatabaseName, Username, and Password to the one you just created.

If everything went well you should be able to login with Username:admin Password:1q2w3e4r

Next we need to setup the cron job. I have provided a file to help locate the cron job towards the bottom you will see a variable called _SERVER[“SCRIPT_FILENAME”] mine shows /home/nexuslite/public_html/preview/ezinescraper/scraper/templates/EzineScraper/phpinfo.php we replace the phpinfo.php with our cron file /home/nexuslite/public_html/preview/ezinescraper/scraper/templates/EzineScraper/scrapercron.php this will be our path to run the cron job.

Click on the Corn jobs icon.

Click on the standard button.

In the command to run field we will be using the info we got from phpinfo that we replaced phpinfo.php with scrapercron.php /home/nexuslite/public_html/preview/ezinescraper/scraper/templates/EzineScraper/scrapercron.php we add php -q to the beginning so the line looks like this php -q /home/nexuslite/public_html/preview/ezinescraper/scraper/templates/EzineScraper/scrapercron.php

Next we select Every Five Minutes (or whatever you perfer). Then we select Every Hour. The remaining fields should already be set to Every Month, Every Day, Every Week Day.

Then click Save Crontab.

To finish up we change the permissions of the kw directory to 777 with our ftp client.

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