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Install Subclipse in Eclipse 3.x install plugins in eclipse

Here you will find a screenshot tour of the Subclipse installation process in Eclipse 3.x. These particular screens were captured in Eclipse 3.0.2 running on Windows XP. in other verion of eclipse u will select help->install software  add url and … Continue reading

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joomla how tos

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Typical Uses of Cookies in java

– Identifying a user during an e-commerce session tracking of user information. – Avoiding username and password – Customizing a siit – Focusing advertising Don’t put sensitive info in cookies Create a Cookie object.                 ==>Cookie c = new Cookie(“userID”, “a1234”); … Continue reading

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sendError from servlet


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Setting Status Codes

response.setStatus(int statusCode) response.sendError(int code,String message) response.sendRedirect(String url) Common HTTP 1.1 Status Codes 200 (default) 302 (forwarding; set with sendRedirect) 401 (password needed) 404 (not found; set with sendError)

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Handling Input in Multiple Languages

Use server’s default character set String firstName =request.getParameter(“firstName”); Convert  from English (Latin 1) to Japanese ——————————————— String firstNameWrongEncoding =request.getParameter( firstName ); request getParameter(“firstName”); String firstName =new String(firstNameWrongEncoding.getBytes(),”Shift_JIS”); ——————————————— Accept either English or Japanese request.setCharacterEncoding( JISAutoDetect ); String firstName =request.getParameter(“firstName”);

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Reading Form Data In Servlets

• request.getParameter(“name”) • request.getParameterValues(“name”) • request.getParameterNames() or request.getParameterMap()

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